Is more psychiatrists the answer?

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In this blog, I wanted to share something that completely blew my mind with respect to the epidemic of mental illness — and yes, it is an epidemic, by the way. This one insight I’m about to detail is so profoundly useful for experts, legislators and even innovators from the private sector, to help increase the level of mental health available to the public.

You see, there is a common misconception out there that the only solution to the prevalence of psychological afflictions is ‘more boots on the ground’, so to speak. “If we just had enough psychiatrists and therapists…

It likely never will be either

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If you follow my content, you know I’m fascinated with Philosophy of Mind. In this blog, I want to just briefly summarize a thought experiment that was imagined by a renowned philosopher, John Searle. It’s likely one of the first items you will read about in this subcategory of philosophy.

It was crafted to be an answer to a group of people known as functionalists who hold that if something exhibits the same behaviours or functions of a conscious organism, for all intents and purposes, that thing can be called conscious. The argument has also been cited as a useful…

Where this misconception originated

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So this is going to be a really brief one today. I wanted to share something I had read from a book recently. It was actually just published on May 4th. And it’s called We Can Do Better, written by Professor David Goldbloom at the University of Toronto. As stated in the book’s subtitle, It’s all about Urgent Innovations To Improve Mental Health Access & Care. I was gifted an advanced reading copy of the work and invited to offer my review of it. If you would like to read my official analysis, click here.

Anyway, per the title of…

The refusal to accept who we are

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So lately I’ve focused a number of my blogs on the topic of artificial intelligence. This one will specifically build on a recent work which defined what transhumanism is. I will be defining that word shortly in case it’s unfamiliar to those of you reading.

Even though it appears to be driving – or at least underpinning much of the advances in AI research today – the goal of transhumanism is not a novel one. Its appearance as something new is so because it takes the form of our most recent fascination, AI.

Transhumanism is a very old, almost inherent…


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If you follow my posts, you know that I’ve been commenting on a brilliant new book that was just published on May 4th. And there was a passage in there that got me thinking about how stigmatized mental illness is; and subtle ways we can help shift the way our society thinks about it.

The book I mentioned is called We Can Do Better, written by a professor at the University of Toronto, David Goldbloom. I was gifted an advanced reading copy of it and was invited to offer my thoughts. If you want to read my official review of…

And forever enshrined into legislation

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So if you’ve been following my content, you know I’ve been writing a lot about artificial intelligence. I’ve shown some of the positive and negative developments in this area, and how we should harness this immensely powerful technology for the commonwealth of man; and not exploit its use for evil, the way we historically have with nuclear weaponry.

Of course, I’m not the only one saying it. There are many thinkers and innovators who have been advocating for this. …

Why choose one when you can monopolize both?

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Wait. Hold up! I can succeed both on Medium and YouTube?

Who has time for that? Anyone who’s posted on either platform knows it takes every ounce of energy, and second of free time, to win at just one of them. Actually, you know likely that many who go all-in on one hustle can still fail, even after pouring their heart and soul into it.

FFS, it took me a year and a half just to get monetized on YouTube! This is after cranking out three to four really high-quality videos every week. …

Things could have been far worse!

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Lately I’ve been responding to a number of ideas from a book called We Can Do Better by Professor David Goldbloom. I was actually invited to review an advanced reading copy of it prior to publication on May 4th. Today though, per the title, I wanted to draw attention to a number of things the Canadian Liberal government has done for sufferers of mental illness since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wasn’t aware of this before reading the book.

And it may offer a sound case for similar initiatives that can be recommended to governments around the globe…

Is another Cold War on the way?

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If you follow my blogs, you know that I’ve been focusing a fair amount of attention on artificial intelligence, and how it has raised reasons for both optimism and extreme ethical pause. In this one, I want to discuss how there is potential for a new conflict not dissimilar to the Cold War with the development and proliferation of nuclear energy; but this time AI will take centre stage of the theatre.

Very much akin to nuclear expansion, artificial intelligence comes with its own bag of pros and cons. Indubitably, nuclear energy has been harnessed for the commonwealth of mankind…

An imperfect science is not a pseudoscience

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I was recently invited to review an advanced reading copy of a book called We Can Do Better by David Goldbloom. He’s a professor over at the University of Toronto. There were a number of ideas he brought up in this work that I’d really like to respond to in the next several blogs. In this one particularly, I wanted to share a point he made in addressing the evolving landscape of the mental health industry, overall.

Being that it has undergone so much transformation over the years, it is easy to dismiss it as an imperfect, perhaps even pseudoscientific…

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