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Good day! I’m Derek, a literary critic, YouTuber, writer and professional book reviewer. If you’re an author, publisher or blogger, I can be of great assistance to you.

Every piece I create introduces all of those roles I listed a moment ago. When I am writing on a particular topic — politics, say — you will notice that I’m generally framing the discussion around a book or someone’s writings (blog, essay, article, etc).

Then, I turn those pieces into YouTube videos. The videos are somewhat different though, a little more conversational.

Are you a writer?

Do you…

Walking the razor-thin line dividing tolerance from intolerance

Image from https://veritas5777.wordpress.com/2017/01/30/further-thoughts-on-tolerance/

“I know the value of negotiation and compromise, but sometimes, I just can’t be diplomatic.”

A concept I am fascinated with is something that has been called ‘the liberal paradox’ or ‘the tolerance paradox’. Stated simply, this is where tolerance and the democratization of competing interests run into a contradiction. You might have heard the old saw, “I cannot tolerate the intolerant!”

The inconvenient and frustrating truth is that tolerance can really only be understood against a backdrop of intolerance. The opposite is also true. …

Here are some metrics, accomplishments & tips

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Alright, we’ve all read dozens of these type of blogs. I know you’re anxious to see the results; y’know, the vanity metrics like views, reads, fans, and, of course, moolah…duh!

If you have little patience to read about my journey and what I’ve learned, scroll down to the subheading called “Metrics”.

If I can bribe you to relax and spend an extra few minutes, though, I promise you will gain an incredible amount of value out of what I’ve observed.

I’m new-ish here to Medium, myself. I know how you’re feeling as a writer. I understand what it’s like to…

Substituting the conference table for the battlefield

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“[N]o resolution is passed until every delegation has dissected it with jewellers’ tools,”

Herein, I wanted to talk about one of the main issues people have against federative bodies like the United Nations. What prompts me to talk about this are two things.

Firstly, I’ve long been an advocate of the work the United Nations does around the world; and I’ve grown especially weary of this so-called anti-globalist sentiment character of so many right wing populist movements that have swept the world in recent years — chief among them, Trumpism.

Secondly, and most recent, Ban Ki-moon, the former secretary-general of…

This will be forgotten long before we reap the consequences of his foolishness!

Image from https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5317175/kim-jong-un-gloats-that-donald-trump-is-being-massively-humiliated-worldwide-by-bombshell-fire-and-fury-book/

“I am left with grave doubts that Pyongyang will make good on its word with so much less verification and so much more at stake.”

Today, I want to discuss some of the complexity of North Korea’s relationship with the rest of the world. I wish to give a bit of context on the matter as it seems even much of the media does not truly appreciate how volatile things are.

If you follow my scrawl, you know I was gifted an advanced reading copy of a fantastic new book and asked to review it. The work is called Resolved…

‘I hope that children today see the beacon of hope that the UN represents.’

Image from https://www.reddit.com/r/wallpaper/comments/ig62gm/atlas_punishment_3840x2160/

This most solemn appointment calls for a very specific kind of person.

I read a tremendous book that I received as an advanced reading copy and was invited to offer my review of. The work is called Resolved: Uniting Nations In A Divided World. It was authored by the former United Nations secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon. If you would like to watch my official response to the book, follow the link:

In this article, I want to briefly share some parts of his life that I found extremely interesting, and, in the process, hopefully persuade you of how very important…

…until they’re not!

Image from https://friarmusings.com/2018/02/24/everything-and-glory/

“Unifying theories, although intrinsically appealing, should be subject to careful scrutiny.” — Professor Nutt

Lately I’ve been commenting on a tremendous new book that I’ve been invited to review. It’s called Overloaded: How Every Aspect of Your Life is Influenced by Your Brain Chemicals, authored by Ginny Smith. And she quotes Professor David Nutt who makes some interesting points respecting the problem of unifying theories.

What is a unified theory?

This is where a new discovery in science — although it really exists in every discipline — seems to describe the world or a phenomenon (quantified through arithmetic abstraction or conceptual formulation) with such force…

Make no mistake, political explanations are valid too!

Image from http://kimludbrook.com/flash-blood-zanzibar-drug-abuse/

We need a more holistic way of studying these societal issues. Science is only one method.

Addiction is a widespread, severe, and extremely misunderstood mental illness. I certainly don’t want to act as though this article could exhaust all explanation. Lately, though, I’ve been responding to a number of ideas presented in a new book I was invited to review. The book is called Overloaded: How Every Aspect of Your Life is Influenced by Your Brain Chemicals, authored by Ginny Smith. …

What dependency looks like neurologically

Image from Pixabay.com

The reason dependence is so complex is because it’s tied in to virtually every mechanism related to memory. It’s why experts struggle to draw the line consistently between behavioural and substance addiction.

Lately, I’ve been writing about behavioural neuroscience. And these discussions are loosely framed around a book I was invited to review, entitled Overloaded: How Every Aspect of Your Life is Influenced by Your Brain Chemicals, written by Ginny Smith. One topic that makes an appearance quite frequently throughout is addiction.

As you can appreciate, this would need to be one protracted exposition to do justice to that subject…

There ARE Solutions!

Image from Pixabay.com

These are not individuals who have just screwed up their own lives. We are responsible for them.

Not long ago, I interviewed a fellow YouTube creator, Séan, from the channel Yahweh out there. Part of that dialog was centred on the tragic quandary of homelessness. It’s a topic I’ve always cared about, but especially since I moved here to Victoria, BC, where there is a heartbreaking number of street people.

Séan was always a productive member in society — hard-working, honest, reliable, jovial, fathered two amazing kids— until he fell upon hard-times resulting from unaddressed psychological struggles that he details…

Derek London

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