I Wrote 31 Medium Articles In A Row (July 01–31, 2021)

Here are some metrics, accomplishments & tips

Derek London
9 min readAug 2, 2021
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Alright, we’ve all read dozens of these type of blogs. I know you’re anxious to see the results; y’know, the vanity metrics like views, reads, fans, and, of course, moolah…duh!

If you have little patience to read about my journey and what I’ve learned, scroll down to the subheading called “Metrics”.

If I can bribe you to relax and spend an extra few minutes, though, I promise you will gain an incredible amount of value out of what I’ve observed.

I’m new-ish here to Medium, myself. I know how you’re feeling as a writer. I understand what it’s like to wonder if it’s all worth your while. How much earning potential is there anyways?

Vanity metrics without context, however, is not research. It doesn’t constitute knowledge. If you’re pressed for time, bookmark this article and come back later to read it completely if you have to.

A little background

Let’s start with what I do on Medium. I’m a literary critic who reads amazing authors. I actually receive advanced copies of books from publishers and writers, so the material I share is always really current and credible.



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