That Time Donald J. Trump Cowed To North Korea

This will be forgotten long before we reap the consequences of his foolishness!

Derek London
8 min readJul 30, 2021


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“I am left with grave doubts that Pyongyang will make good on its word with so much less verification and so much more at stake.”

Today, I want to discuss some of the complexity of North Korea’s relationship with the rest of the world. I wish to give a bit of context on the matter as it seems even much of the media does not truly appreciate how volatile things are.

If you follow my scrawl, you know I was gifted an advanced reading copy of a fantastic new book and asked to review it. The work is called Resolved: Uniting Nations In A Divided World. It was written by the former secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon. If you would like to watch my official response to it, follow the link:

Regardless of what you may personally feel about Ban Ki-moon as secretary-general, there is little debate that the man is tremendously knowledgable and experienced. His perspective has to be one of the most relevant, especially concerning issues involving his North Korean cousins.

My main goal, as stated, is to offer some context on the situation; but I also want to draw attention to how badly former President Donald J. Trump has undermined peace in the world — and in ways that are not immediately obvious to most people. I will be posting a much more detailed account about Donald Trump’s utterly hideous and stupid foreign policies in future pieces. Concerning North Korea alone, however, there is plenty of food for thought here.

The prospect of reunification

“The utter heartlessness and disregard for human rights and suffering are difficult to fathom,”



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