The Reproach Of Homelessness

There ARE Solutions!

Derek London
8 min readJul 24, 2021


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These are not individuals who have just screwed up their own lives. We are responsible for them.

Not long ago, I interviewed a fellow YouTube creator, Séan, from the channel Yahweh out there. Part of that dialog was centred on the tragic quandary of homelessness. It’s a topic I’ve always cared about, but especially since I moved here to Victoria, BC, where there is a heartbreaking number of street people.

Séan was always a productive member in society — hard-working, honest, reliable, jovial, fathered two amazing kids— until he fell upon hard-times resulting from unaddressed psychological struggles that he details in our visit:

He managed to get back on his feet several years ago. He was down and out for a significant interval of time, though. Séan is a good man. We’ve become pals over the past couple years since we discovered each other on YouTube. He doesn’t fit the image or stereotype of one you’d expect to find in such sore straits.

Yet, he intones that there were many he met in that situation who were not unlike. Try to approach this article with that in mind. Chances are, most of us do not understand homelessness very well.

I’m learning.

It’s been challenging for me to comprehend. I believe I can now write authoritatively on this topic based on some of my research.

Reproachful? That’s an odd choice of word!

I named this piece the way I did for a reason. Homelessness is reproachful! It’s actually an indictment upon all of us, as a society. Because there are solutions. It should not sound quixotic to say ‘There’s no excuse for it in this day and age!’ Such words always land on the listener as naïvely idealistic. Yet, it is the case; there’s no reason for it here in western, industrialized, democratic lands! So I wanted to talk about some facts I discovered just recently respecting…



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