We Can Be Doing So Much Better On Mental Illness

A Book Review of We Can Do Better by David Goldbloom

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Humane…Accessible…Brilliant! Mental illness is such a yawning, abysmal public issue. Whether it’s as pedestrian as trying to help suffering friends and family, to acting in the capacity of legislator, advocate, innovator, or full-fledged psychiatric professional, the battle seems hopelessly Sisyphean. I believed (until recently) it’s so intractable that to think our way out is analogous to jumping in the hole pulling the hole in after you.

In We Can Do Better, Dr. Goldbloom — a rockstar of the Canadian mental health industry — offers concrete, measurable, and compassionate reforms we can be implementing right now. We can do better, so much better, in raising the level of well-being in our society. The epidemic of mental illness is not only one health crisis among many — I mean, take your pick: heart disease, cancer, lung disease, stroke, diabetes, COVID-19, homelessness, etc. — It is arguably the greatest among them. Because it’s not exactly clear to what extent the foregoing are manifestations of lifestyle and psychological troubles.

Author of We Can Do Better, David Goldbloom from: https://www.stratfordfestival.ca/WhatsOn/PlaysAndEvents/TheForum/Dr-Goldbloom

Science has and will continue to inform us on that question. But here’s what we do know: when technological innovation, psychopharmacology, advocacy, corporate funding, academe, cutting-edge therapies, coaching, and perhaps most prominently, an invested and maternal public purse cooperate with one another…EVERYTHING improves! But if dignity and compassion are not persuasive enough, then let the money speak. A psychologically more sound citizenry measurably relieves our already overburdened Emergency Unit, and lifts everyone up economically.

In this book, Dr. Goldbloom goes full beast-mode, dropping knowledge-bomb after knowledge-bomb. He also manages to keep it charming and appropriately humorous.


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